Wakefield 4th Grade Classes Visit Graves Library Museum and Depot Museum

On May 19, 2023 4th grade students from Wakefield Community Schools visited both the Graves Library Museum and the Depot Museum. The two classes divided with one class going to the Depot Museum and the other going to the Graves Library Museum first, and then switching. While at the Library Museum, students first learned the history of the building and Philo Graves, the man who built it to honor his son’s memory. Students were then divided into small groups which moved through five “stations” to learn about things in each part of the museum. Member volunteers manned each station and discussed highlights in each area. Students ended their tour at the Library Museum by looking at the Russ Marshall wrench collection in the library basement.

While visiting the Depot Museum the students were welcomed by member volunteers. They explored railroad artifacts in the small Women’s Waiting Room, the larger Waiting Room, the Office and the Freight Room. In addition to railroad items, the Depot Museum houses many artifacts of Wakefield’s history. They were also able to view 10 model trains of varying scale running in the museum. The Warming Room located just off the Freight Room has a train engineer simulation computer program.

The students received Rice Krispie treats and took group photos at the museums before departing. The classes, taught by Brian Johnson and Jessi Gallegos, were attentive, respectful and interested to see and learn about the many different displays. We hope to see then all return again soon – maybe on a Saturday morning with their families!