Preserving local history

Organized in 2000, Wakefield Heritage Organization is dedicated to preserving and maintaining the local history of Wakefield, Nebraska. Because much of Wakefield's history and culture is contained in its older buildings, we currently maintain two heritage sites, Graves Library Museum and the Wakefield Train Depot. These properties provide today's Wakefield citizens with important links to the lives of previous generations.

The Wakefield Heritage Organization is a non-profit organization located in Wakefield, Nebraska. All contributions to the organization are deductible for federal income, estate, and gift purposes.

WHO was organized in 2000 and designated a future museum to be located in the City of Wakefield in 2002 with the purpose of educating and instructing the public about the history and heritage of Wakefield, Nebraska, and the surrounding area.

The organization's mission includes:

Graves Library Museum

Graves Public Library has been reopened as Graves Library Museum. Located on Third Street, two and a half blocks west from Highway 35, in Wakefield, Nebraska, this library was one of the most luxurious libraries in the area when it was constructed. A walk through the building will take you as far back as 1881.

Wakefield Train Depot

Train service played a major part in the birth of towns across the country and that was also true in Wakefield's history. The railroad ran through the town and was completed from Sioux City, Iowa, to Wakefield in 1881. The first depot was built that same year.

In carrying out the objectives and purposes of the Wakefield Heritage Organization as a corporation organized not for profit, it will remain exempt within the provisions of Section 501(c)(3), 26 U.S.C.A Internal Revenue Code.

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