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Membership in Wakefield Heritage Organization has its privileges, but it also has responsibilities.

We are a group of people that support and serve the Wakefield Heritage Organization. Promoting the uniqueness and history of our city and rural Wakefield is our current focus and principal way we convey an overall message of preservation of our heritage.

We are on a journey to build a museum and recognition of mementoes and pictures of the past. Our mission is to celebrate our wonderful heritage.

Individuals are entitled to join our organization and voice their own opinions and provide us with knowledge of the history of Wakefield. Membership dues are only $10.

We would like you to choose to be a member of WHO. Your membership helps support our efforts and our existence.

Send your membership registration and $10 dues to:
Wakefield Heritage Organization
PO BOX 216
Wakefield, NE 68784
Printable Membership Form